Janet brings over 11 years of business expertise from the real estate, banking and financial markets. Janet has extensive experience in the construction industry having operated her own contracting companies in addition to working for world class contractors. Janet has previous experience in purchasing and payroll and rental equipment management.  

When not pursuing business opportunities Janet enjoys reading, photography, travel, and spending time with family, especially grandchildren.

janet steelfox, business development

Dave brings over 33 years of experience in Project Management, Quality Assurance and direct project supervision as a Superintendent. Dave has authored Quality Control Manuals, Safety Manuals, Project and Quality Execution Plans and Field Inspection Plans. His experience extends to working with multinational workforce in foreign countries.

When Dave is not outdoors working; he is outdoors capturing still shots with photography. He enjoys traveling, hunting, fishing, camping and hiking. 

Charlie Johnson | President

Spouse: Marianne
Children: (L-R) Kathryn, James, Charles, Ryan

With more than ten years  of experience in the construction industry, Charlies main focus has been in field engineering and construction completion/turnover. Charlies areas of experience include Engineering, Job Site Coordination, Planning/Scheduling, as well as Operations. He also has industrial civil, mechanical, and electrical experience, which includes power (Fossil fuels), process projects, and some small cap residential construction. Most recently appointed to outline, track and turnover to client a 560 million dollar power project.  Charlie is detail oriented and has a proven track record for carrying out organizational directives in an efficient and timely manner. Charlie can communicate well and possesses excellent managerial skills.

When he is away from the office, it’s family, church, hunting and fishing time. 

David Steelfox, Vice President of Construction